Build your own custom Email Sending Platform
Send unlimited Emails. Build exterrnal SMTP servers you can use for Email Marketing Automation
Your Own Email Server set up
Execute your mail campaigns and Automated Email sending to Customers from your own Email Server
Transactional and Bulk Email Sending
Execute your mail campaigns and Automated Email sending to Customers from your own Email Server

Custom-Built SMTP Server + Email Sending/Marketing Automation Solution to use with the built server

SPF, DKIM & Dmarc

Sender Policy Framwork, DomainKeys, and Domain-based Message Authentication Alignment


Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security. Free SSL/TLS Certificate installation from Let's Encrypt

CAN-SPAM ACT compliance

Solutions built with The CAN-SPAM Compliance. offering you rest of mind

GDPR Compliance

Adherance to European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Low cost Virtual Private Servers

We build your server using secured low cost Virtual Private Servers

Open Source SMTP Solutions

Postfix, Haraka, hMailServer, Exim, OpenSMTPD, ZoneMTA, etc

Open Source Email Marketing Solutions

Marketing Automation Solution using any of: Mautic, OpenEMM, MailTrain, PhpList etc

Complete Email Server Build Up

Complete and independent Email server building to handle all your organization's email solution for staff with unlimited Email Addresses

Email Automation Solution

The conventional SMTP Providers and Email sending solutions like Mailchimp, SendGrid, Sendinblue, Mailjet, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Elastic Email and tend to be highly pricey. You are constrained by the number of contacts to load as List and the number of emails to send. You get your account easily suspended without prior notice. You still experience your mails being received in spam folders. You pass through a learning curve to fully integrate your domain with their platform.

We help build your own independent email sending platform. You can have unlimited number of list and send unlimited numbers of emails. You are only constrained by the need to warm your IP at the beginning of sending. Our expertise will aid you build your IP and sending reputation. You get 100% inbox delivery. All technology is open source, hence, no recurrent licensing fees.

The SMTP and Email Sending Platform built will be external to your present host and we will integrate your domain to send transactional emails, targeted bulk emails or full fledge Email Marketing Automation activities.

Save COST with Custom Built Email Server!

Only one-time set up cost.


$200.00 100% open source Technologies
  • Email Software MailTrain/Mautic/OpenEMM/phpList/dadaMail
  • SMTP PostFix/Haraka/OpenSMTPD/ZoneMTA/Exim/hMail/
  • 1P 1
  • Domain 1
  • 100% secured 100% inbox rate


Call US Open or Proprietory Technologies
  • Email Software Any Software
  • SMTP Software Any, including PowerMTA
  • IPs Any Number
  • Domain Any Number
  • 100% secured 100% inbox rate

Open Source Technology Partners


SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the standard for which emails are sent and received over the internet. An SMTP server sends, receives or relay messages to other SMTP servers. It is a piece of software that resides on a computer or external server resource. Operationally, they are referred to as Message Transfer Agents(MTA) and, also as Message Delivery Agents(MDA), respectively. Without this piece of software properly configured, messages sent over the internet will not be transmitted nor delivered

When you send an email, receiving servers and mail clients evaluate it. They either receive into inbox, classify as SPAM and push to SPAM folder or reject and return them as bounce. Emails are treated as in the above based on a number of reasons. To hit inbox 100% all the time, you must meet some of the following conditions: Your sending IP address should be of a static mail server and not looks like a dynamically-assigned IP. Emails coming from a heavily blacklisted IP address will be rejected. Sending IPs need to be checked regularly and cleaned. Monitor your list to remove spam traps, invalid emails and unsubscribes. Sending IP must have a PTR record. Keep valid reverse DNS records-your IP address that point to your domain. Publish a SPF record and a DMARC policy. Sign messages with DKIM.

Our emphasis in using open source technologies to build Email servers does not necessary mean closed source are not good. We are motivated by the fact that open source technologies is what the internet is built on. With open source, we can tweek any given code to fit any specific functionality. Another drawback is, closed technologies and protocols are set up to improve profitability of the corporation and not public interest. Lastly, Most closed source come with hefty license fees which can become a barrier to small businesses .

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